Rationalization of archiving processes and set up of a document retention repository

For Croix-Rouge de Belgique (CRB)


  • Control the retention periods of documents in order to meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Carry out an inventory of the archives and produce a conservation repository 
    Identify current documentation practices in order to optimize them

Solutions put in place:

  • Production of an inventory and of a report with findings and recommendations on document and archive management
  • Production of a conservation repository identifying and describing
    • Typologies of documents that must be archived according to their value (legal, operational, historical)
    • Producers and users of engaging documents
    • Retention periods and conservation time limits according to regulatory and business requirements
    • The legal and regulatory framework applicable to CRB


  • A better understanding of the different practices and the rules for managing and classifying documents (paper and electronic) and archives. 
  • A clear view on the current situation and on the various issues allowing good decision-making and the implementation of future actions.
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