Assistance with the implementation of a data governance in the energy sector

For Elia


Implement a data governance, through a Data Office, to support the digital transformation of the company in order to meet the energy sector’s current challenges: local production, renewable energy sources, interconnection of networks and demand-driven consumption. 

Ensure the quality of data and its availability for business analysts. 

Ensure the best integration of the different IT systems thanks to a common definition of data.

Solutions put in place: 

Participation of Exquando consultants, within the data office team, in the definition of Elia''s data governance.

Involvement in various data initiatives which objectives were:

  • The definition of concepts and terms (part of the data definition) for Elia''s property rights management processes. In this context, we also defined data quality rules.
  • The improvement of the quality of the reports that Elia must provide to the CREG (the regulator body) as part of the energy market’s needs for transparency.
  • The publication of data related to the maintenance of Elia''s infrastructure through various dashboards.
  • The implementation of the data governance management tools.

System used:

Data3Sixty from Infogix


An information governance model with a data and business glossary

Clear definitions of roles and responsibilities related to data

Trained and coached data stewards

Confidence regained in the reports produced by the various internal and external stakeholders

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