Exquando wins a prize at the IAI Awards 2021

The IAI Awards competition, run by the GouvInfo IAI association in France, aims to support a global view of information and its data and to develop information governance. This competition, which has the particularity of relying on virtuous co-mentoring support, aims to help and strengthen the legitimacy of data-based initiatives.

The project submitted by Marc Ansoult, CEO of Exquando, for which he won a prize, is the provision of an original method which aims to support the development of information governance advances based on an adapted agile project management tool.

To find out more:

On the project proposed by Exquando: infogov.exquando.com/   
On the IAI Awards: www.iai-awards.org/ 
On the association GouvInfo: www.gouvinfo.org/IAI/

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