Consultants still at work and a new contract gained despite COVID-19

As many organizations, it was difficult to predict how our business would go on after the confinement rules were announced on 17 March. More than a month later, it is reassuring to see that we are running almost at full speed. Most of our consultants continue to fulfill their mission and we even gained a new contract with a pharmaceutical company which involves setting up a controlled management of technical documents for a major engineering and construction project. We are looking forward to this new mission and are grateful to our client for trusting us.

We would also like to thank all our other clients who made it possible for our consultants to continue their mission under the best possible conditions. Some of them even take advantage of this particular period to give a good boost at their document management and information governance projects. Nothing can make us more happy! 

Last but not least, thanks to our team members who, despite the difficult circumstances for some, continue to be mobilized and to fulfill their commitments.

As we slowly start the deconfinement, please continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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