Still more training and certifications for Exquando consultants

In a continuous strive for excellence of its team, Exquando can count on five additional consultants certified in Lead Document Control. This certification enabled each of them to consolidate their skills already acquired on the field. Within the great information governance puzzle, particularly in sensitive activities such as in the pharma, nuclear and aeronautics sectors, Document Control is an important piece which requires professional care and attention.

In addition to the certification in Lead Document Control, eight consultants followed a training in order to be able to support our clients using SharePoint. Definition and integration of document processes, implementation of repositories, deployment of review and approbation processes, access rights management, etc. are matters for which our clients can benefit from increased expertise from our consultants.

Dara Duong, Exquando Delivery Director, notes:

Offering excellence to our clients requires a high level of expertise from our consultants. We are happy and proud that our consultants are able to respond to the needs of the market in an even more professional way thanks to these certifications.

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