We make sure that the right document and the right data,
containing the right information, are available for the right
person at the right time so that the right decisions
can be taken with full confidence.

We take action on four transformation axis: 

  • content
  • people
  • process
  • technology

The technologies, the processes and the roles and responsibilities of users are determined first and foremost by the different types of content. That is why our approach always entails placing the content at the centre of the digital transformation. 


Our experts guide you in solving your information management issues. They work closely with all relevant departments to analyse existing processes and strategies in terms of information management. They identify areas for improvement, make recommendations and draw up an information governance plan.

An information analysis is carried out in four disting stages:

Mission kick off: objectives, stakeholders, planning, expected deliverables
Collection of information by means of questionnaires, interviews, analysis of the current situation
Analysis of collected information and drafting of a final report
Submission and presentation of the action plan proposals

Following this analysis, our experts can assist you in your transformation process and the implementation of the recommendations.


Our team provides guidance for your digital transformation by helping you to implement an information policy and to improve your information management systems.

Our project managers ensure that projects are carried out in time and within budget. They make sure that the mission is clear and that all stakeholders are duly informed; they aim at building trust and they facilitate the exchange so that the right decisions can be taken.

Our consultants actively contribute to your project by complementing your teams with their expertise and specific skills in information management and governance.

The four transformation axis
Implementation of an information policy and related processes that entail, e.g. the
  • elaboration or revision of a classification plan
  • definition of types of documents and data
  • definition of the levels of quality required
  • identification of personal data (GDPR)
  • allocation of different types of content to the relevant information system
  • definition of taxonomies and a frame of reference for metadata

We also provide regular monitoring to ensure the proper use of procedures and systems, identify deviation and suggest areas for improvement. 


We put at your disposal consultants who

  • contribute actively to the success of your information management policy
  • work in support of your teams, in project or operational mode
  • are recruited as much for their expertise than for their know-how
Document & Data Management
Information Governance
Information System Management
Project Management
Document & Data Management

Our consultants assist you in the daily management of your documents and data for encoding, classifying, naming, archiving, controlling, searching… while making sure that internal procedures are applied properly.

Master data specialist, Data management expert, Document controller,
Document manager, Archivist, Information officer, Records manager

 A recent survey among our clients revealed that more than 90% of them are satisfied with the services of our consultants 

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