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The Exquando Transformation Wheel

A successful digital transformation also involves a human transformation that is carried out with great care.

Right to information

What if the right to information was more essential than we think?

The Exquando Website is getting a new look!
Our new Website is on line!
A new Board member joins Exquando!

We are pleased to welcome Gilles Klass as an independent Board member.

On what ground are our decisions based?

"There is nothing worth than a decision based on a wrong information".

GDPR to the rescue of information governance

"Governance" is today perceived as a painful process that reduces the number of board and committee mandates. It is therefore important to rebrand the name.

We do not collect personal data via this website. Every data provided to us through the contact forms of this website is used to facilitate routine contact and operational work.
Data is held securely and is subject to access controls.
For any question related to our Data Protection Policies and process, please contact us at