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News & Opinions

We take care of the archives of the European institutions

Exquando is proud to contribute to the good care of the archives of the European institutions

How Exquando uses Klaro Cards to conduct information governance

A testimonial on the successful use of Klaro cards to implement information governance was recently highlighted by Klaro.

Discovery Session InfoGov@STIB

Exquando had the pleasure of discussing with STIB about their information governance initiative. We invite you to read their testimony and give us your feedback!

Exquando made aware of the impact of digital technology on the environment

The Exquando team took part in a Digital Collage workshop to be made aware of the environmental impact of digital technology

Marc Ansoult, member of the Digital Commission of the Union Wallonne des Entreprises

Marc Ansoult, Managing Director of Exquando, joined the Commission to contribute to its work and to shed some light from an information governance point of view.

Exquando welcomes a new board member

Exquando is pleased to welcome Marie-Christine Moreels as its new independent board member.