Deployment of a new Document Management System for Underground Engineering Department (SSE)


The ‘Service spécial d’études’ - the complete name being SSE-DITP - is in charge of developing and maintaining underground infrastructure for public transports in Brussels. Its particularity is that it belongs to both the public transport company (STIB) and the public administration in charge of mobility (Brussels Mobility).


  • Deployment of a same Document Management System for all the renovation/transformation projects
  • Adaptation of this solution to more complex projects in the context of the transformation of a whole light-rail line to a heavy-rail line (Nord-Albert Program)  
  • Transformation of the existing intranet portal to an ergonomic community portal in order to increase its usage 

Solutions put in place

Axis 1: Deployment of a new Document Management Solution

  • Analysis of feedbacks from pilot project and adaptation of the metadata schema and of the user’s manual
  • Creation and configuration of SharePoint project-sites
  • Provision of support to Project Managers taking in charge their SharePoint project-sites
  • Development and training of end-users
  • Evaluation of migration to SharePoint Online

Axis 2: Adaptation of the new solution for Nord-Albert Program (PNA)

  • Analysis of specific needs from each of the three PNA projects and proposition for a common approach
  • Development of a common structure for the three project-sites, of a common metadata schema and of a common user’s manual
  • Creation and configuration of the three project-sites
  • Creation of a Review Process for project-deliverables
  • Development and specific training for PNA end-users

Axis 3: Transformation of the existing intranet portal

  • Optimization of the portal structure and clarification of its metadata schema 
  • Performing a clean-up on access and permissions and easing access management 
  • Improving user experience to ease navigation and document search
  • Updating ad hoc documentation on the intranet

System used

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online


  • Harmonized document management between the different teams and on the various projects
  • Professionalization of documentary practices within the department
  • Easily accessible quality documents
  • Employees who gain in autonomy
  • A more performing organization

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