Realization of an information audit and implementation of an information governance


Define the function of each tool at Cefora (Jive, Ms Teams, Ms Sharepoint, ...) and ensure that each employee is able to use them adequately.

Facilitate the search and ensure the sustainability of activity documents, as well as their correct communication both internally and externally.

While respecting Cefora’s corporate culture.

Solutions put in place:

Phase 1: Information audit 

Inventory of:

  • systems in use
  • documentary practices in force, formalized or not
  • files existing in various storage spaces
  • existing practices in terms of information security, GDPR compliance, archiving, knowledge management, etc. 

Analysis of the As Is situation and of the risks involved; formulation of recommendations.

Presentation of the results via an Information Map (audit report on information governance).

Phase 2: Implementation of an information governance

Definition of information governance rules (roles and responsibilities, document lifecycle, naming convention, metadata schema, controlled lists …).

Awareness, training and support for employees on new rules and tools.

Help with the migration. 

Systems used:

Office 365 (Ms Teams and Ms Sharepoint Online)


Easily accessible quality documents

Employees who gain in autonomy

A more performing organization

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