The consortium formed by Numen Europe, Labgroup and Exquando wins a framework contract for archival services within the European institutions

The consortium formed by Numen Europe, Labgroup and Exquando responded, in April 2021, to a call for tender issued by the European Commission for the provision of archival services and associated services.

The consortium was awarded this framework contract worth € 20 million in July 2021 for a period of 4 years. The contract concerns around ten European institutions including the European Council, the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Data Protection Supervisor. There will therefore be consortium consultants mainly in Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), France (Strasbourg) and to a lesser extent in Germany (Karlsruhe), the Netherlands (Petten), Italy (Ispra) or in Spain (Seville).

The objective of the framework contract is to provide these institutions with expertise and advice in the management of documents, archives and information, as well as technical and logistical assistance for the execution of archival work.

The exceptional context of the European institutions offers access to processing a variety of incomparable archives, from the European Deputies funds to the audio-visual archives of the Commission, immersing the archivist at the heart of the legislative process of the European Union since its origins.

Good management of information, including that of archives, is at the heart of the consortium''s concerns and our archivist consultants are particularly happy to be able to contribute to these missions alongside the teams currently in place.

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