"La véritable entreprise numérique guidée par les données? C’est avant tout une affaire humaine"

Horia Selegean, Data Governance Director at BT, published an article in Regional-IT in December that caught our attention. Exquando fully shares the opinions expressed in this article: organizations will only be able to exploit the full potential of their data if they are of quality and can be trusted, and if individual responsibility for each set of data is allocated.

Here are a few abstracts:

"Becoming a truly data-driven organization will not happen without a shift in priorities, practices and mindset. It is about accepting that your data (rather than your products and services) become your primary source of value."

"In a data-driven organization, employees are allowed to take full responsibility for the data... This new culture is based on processes and tools that facilitate the daily exploitation of data and opens the path to long-term change."

"Those of us who work in companies that have been in place for a long time must take the bull by the horns and completely rethink their approach to data, adopting methodologies and processes from other sectors to accelerate the change."

Click here to view the article online. 

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