STIB/MIVB grants a framework contract to Exquando for the delivery of information management and governance services

Exquando is proud to have been selected by STIB/MIVB as a reference partner to deliver information management and governance services through a framework agreement valid until end 2023.

Information management is one of the priorities of STIB/MIVB which aims at improving its efficiency and performance, and at the same time needs to meet legal obligations such as, among others, the GDPR regulations. The objective of the STIB/MIVB programme is to increase the maturity of its teams and to align the various departments with a common information management policy. Governance, change management and an IT tools strategy are at the heart of this programme.

In its proposal, Exquando paid particular attention to the needs and challenges of STIB/MIVB. Among other things, Exquando proposed a human-centric approach emphasizing the necessity to agree on a common mission and to ensure transparent communication. This should result in constructive discussions which will limit the risks and ensure the success of the programme.

Marc Ansoult, CEO of Exquando, looks forward to this future collaboration: "With STIB/MIVB, we will be working with a client which is growing and has a good maturity in our field; it also has major infrastructure projects and has to deal with a lot of technical documentation. In addtion, the organization must respond to major challenges in terms of mobility and pollution in Brussels. The Exquando team, which was particularly motivated by this offer, is eager to start working with STIB/MIVB's team."

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