From advising to managing a Shared Content Service for major construction projects

For GSK Vaccines


  • Manage construction projects and their documents in an effective and collaborative manner
  • Comply with the planning and budgets of multiple construction projects
  • Provide complete as-built documents in digital format at the end of each project
  • Be able to respond at all times to requests for internal and external audits

Solutions put in place:

  • Assistance in the selection of a document management system
  • Customisation of the selected system, LiveLink from Opentext, to the specific needs of GSK Vaccines
  • Implementation of a pilot document management project to test and validate the document plan, different features, naming conventions, expected return on investment expected, etc.
  • Deployment of LiveLink on all new construction projects in Europe, Asia and America
  • Provision and supervision of a team of document controllers
  • Setting up of a Shared content service allowing the centralization of services, the professionalization of skills, the harmonization of methods and the reduction of costs
  • Global support in terms of resources, methods and procedures under a service mode contract

System used:

LiveLink from OpenText


  • Outsourcing and centralization of the entire technical document management with a team of professionals: project leaders could devote themselves entirely to the management of their construction project
  • Greater effectiveness, collaboration and trust between project leaders, engineers and other stakeholders (engineering offices, subcontractors, etc.)
  • Improved responsiveness to audit requests
  • Provision of as-built documents in due time
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