Governance - How do we do together?

By Marc Ansoult

We hear a lot about governance lately and the topic is indeed important as it is about responding, in these troubled and changing times, to the question “How do we do together?”. I would like here to simply enunciate the different types of governance that exist.

The first one, the one on which philosophers have worked, is the governance of states with their constitution. In Belgium, we talk about the three pillars of power : the legislative, the executive and the judicial. The principle is that each of them are independent from one another.

The second one is corporate governance, with the 2009 code for listed companies and the Buysse code for unlisted ones. The three pillars of corporate governance are their General assembly, their Board of directors and their Management committee. Here too the roles and responsibilities of each assembly are different and well defined.

The third one is the governance of projects described by methodologies such as Prince2. Here we find two major assemblies, the Steering committee and the project management team.

Other types of governance exist such as the IT governance described by ISACA and the information governance described in particular by the AIIM.

I would like to add one question to which we should also answer and which refers to what I call personal governance: “How do we want to be together?”. I couldn’t find a better definition than the one offered by Thomas d’Ansembourg:

Today, with the challenges facing humanity, we know that the world greatly needs men and women who know each other well, who know the processes of inner reconciliation and the pitfalls of the ego, who know how to develop self-confidence, trust in others and confidence in life, and bring their talent to the service of the community.

Governance is not a one shot action, it is an art of living day by day with ethics, logic and courage that apply to oneself, to our family, our company, our neighborhood, our country and the blue planet in which we all live together. This is ultimately a lot of subjects to deal with, and it is never too late to devote some time to them as a simple citizen.

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