Take away : Franklin and Rousseau - Tenors of governance

By Marc Ansoult

In governance, at Exquando, we are often inspired by some tenors of "how to do together". Among these, there is Benjamin Franklin who participated in the drafting of the constitution of the United States and Jean-Jacques Rousseau who produced the social contract.

Franklin places all his inventions in the public domain and makes it clear in his writings that this was a deliberate will.

... just as we enjoy the benefits of other inventions, we should be happy to have the opportunity to serve others through our own inventions; and we should do this for free and with generosity. 

Rousseau is the first to think that democracy is the only legitimate form of state.

More than two centuries ago, Franklin said:

You tell me, I forget.

You teach me, I remember.

You imply me, I learn.

Two and a half centuries later, at Exquando, we add:

You save your information at the agreed place, I’m autonomous

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