Exquando supports the exhibition ‘Mapping Knowledge’ at the Mundaneum

The exhibition ‘Mapping Knowledge : understanding the world through data’ will open its doors on 27 June as part of Mons 2015 and the reopening of the Mundaneum after two years of work. It was natural for Exquando to support this event which will be an opportunity for each visitor to reflect on the world of information we live in and on the way we can manage and protect our knowledge.

The founders of the Mundaneum, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, tried, at the end of the 19th century, to gather and sort all the world’s knowledge in all its forms in a unique and centralised place: the ‘Universal bibliographic directory’. This visionary and innovative initiative can be considered as the ancestor on paper of today’s Internet search engines.

In his ‘Treaty on documentation’, back in 1934, Paul Otlet wrote : « Humanity is at a turning point. The mass of data acquired is phenomenal. We need new tools to simplify and condense this knowledge, otherwise never will the intelligence be able to overcome the difficulties it is facing, nor achieve the progress it foresees and to which it aspires. »

Marc Ansoult, Exquando Managing Director, comments : “What Paul Otlet wrote then was true for the few wise minds who were concerned with the knowledge managed in the documentation centres of the time. Today this has become a concern for many executives of many organisations, both public and private.”

Exquando invites everyone who feels concerned about today’s challenges in information management to visit this exhibition which mixes art and science in a place of culture.

About the exhibition
In this place dedicated to memory, magnified by the scenography of François Schuiten, the exhibition proposes an interactive journey at the heart of information. From the history of the pioneers of data visualisation to today’s anticipations, the exhibition combines art, science, design and information architecture.

Mapping Knowledge. Understanding the world through data

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