Exquando - (New) Information governance = (new) corporate culture?

On the occasion of Exquando's 10th anniversary, Marc Ansoult, CEO, had the opportunity to talk with Brigitte Doucet of Regional-IT about information governance issues and Exquando's positioning on the market.

Here are some extracts of the interview:

Information governance, as it is perceived and implemented by Exquando, is based on four key concepts closely intertwined: information map, information policy, data office, and data ownership.
In many companies, the message about a new information governance, with "data ownership" and these owners taking responsibility, is not yet well received. Many consider that simply selecting and implementing a tool will do the job. But it is not... A lot of organizations are not yet, culturally, ready to encourage and allow a human intervention, an enriching exchange with other colleagues.
Exquando's vision of information governance, which the company says it wants to put in place, relies on concepts such as collective intelligence, collaboration and teamwork. “We are no longer in controlling but in building trust”. 
Marc Ansoult's position echoes, in some aspects, other recent statements, including those of the President of the Union Wallonne des Entreprises, Jacques Crahay, which Exquando's boss likes to relay. What did Jacques Crahay say in a recent interview with the newspaper l'Echo? “I am personally more fond of cooperation than competition. We can't really make progress when working in silos".

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