Exquando facilitates the reception of a new GSK production site with Aproplan

Under its partnership with Aproplan, Exquando delivered a first installation to GSK Vaccines at a construction site of a new vaccines production unit in Wavre. The use of Aproplan for the reception of the new unit should reduce the workload by two.

Project managers at GSK were looking for a way to optimise the reception process of the new production unit. Until now, the annotations resuming the defect points identified during site visits were always made manually on hard copies of construction plans; the annotations were then transferred on an Excel sheet and punch lists were produced and sent to the concerned contracting partners.

With the set-up of Aproplan, notes on defect points can be encoded directly on site with an iPad containing the latest construction layouts. The system then immediately generates and sends punch lists to contracting partners.

Exquando facilitated the implementation of Aproplan at GSK by developing new processes, by ensuring the system parameterization and by creating new reports compliant with the pharmaceutical sector requirements. The Exquando team also offers training and support to users. As a result, the GSK engineers have immediately and easily adopted the new system.

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