Disintermediation & Auto Governance

By Marc Ansoult

We talked a lot about disintermediation with platforms like Uber and Airbnb. We are moving from Business 2 Consumer (B2C) to Consumer 2 Consumer (C2C). This movement that frees us from taxi companies and hotel groups seems to continue its inevitable march.

Within companies, there are liberated or opal companies where we work as a team - this is the move from Boss to Colleague to Colleague 2 Colleague. We also go from "plan & control" to "feel & react" and everyone has the right to express themselves and contribute. A reference in this area is Frédéric Laloux - and it's Belgian!

In civil society, if some ministers say that there is no more immigration problem, it is partly because a citizen platform has organized the housing of undocumented migrants at night. This is the Citizen to Citizen that defends values ​​and delivers services to citizens. Those who have had this experience of hosting a paperless overnight are surprised to find happiness to be fully citizen again and connected.

Similarly, the press is disintermediated with social networks, and it is sometimes exhilarating again to dare to say and participate in public speaking. Same for the distribution sector with the trend from producer to consumer and Fair Trade. It's good to find a direct contact with the one who sweated for his products.

The Blockchain enables the disintermediation of the trusted third party and Bitcoin is the first virtual currency without a central bank. Blockchain-based deeds of property exist in Latin American countries without a notary and without administration of the cadastre. It's good not to be worried about the possible corruption in the distribution of land.

Let's mention again Wikipedia and MOOCs that make knowledge available to all without having to go through the academy. What a joy to be able to train at your own pace, according to your needs and throughout your life.

In fine, on arrive à une société qui se libère du top-down et où les individus se ré-approprient leur pouvoir en étant à nouveau en mesure de se rendre service de manière autonome, de gérer leurs contrats et leurs avoirs de manière autonome, de gérer leur relation de travail de manière autonome, de prendre leur rôle de citoyen de manière autonome, d’exprimer leurs opinions de manière autonome, de consommer de manière autonome et de s'informer et de se former de manière autonome.

This reappropriation of means is perhaps the prelude to the reappropriation of meaning. This is the advent of self governance.

Is this ultimate achievement of personal freedom not completely revolutionary? Especially since Internet services and organizational systems that replace the powers in place tend to be more efficient and less subject to corruption.

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