New governance, new processes, new effectiveness in facility management

For BNP Paribas Fortis


  • Manage more than 200,000 documents and plans effectively and securely
  • Simplify the collection, storage and use of the buildings’ technical documentation
  • Access the latest versions of the documents rapidly and in confidence

Solutions put in place:

  • Information analysis and recommendations
  • Implementation of governance rules
  • Inventory of document collections, cleaning, storage and definition of a classification plan
  • Definition of new processes with identification of roles and responsibilities
  • Unique definition of required documents and production of a standardized terminology
  • Internal support by a team of document controllers 

System used:

ProjectWise from Bentley Systems 


  • Clear processes understood by all
  • Well defined and accepted roles and responsibilities
  • Continuous data quality control
  • Efficiency and confidence regained by project leaders, engineers and maintenance teams
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