About us

We build a world where everyone has access to relevant and reliable information

Our philosophy

Exquando’s transformation wheel is based on the principle that the success of a transformation project depends first and foremost on the men and women who are involved in and impacted by this transformation.

It turns out that progress arises thanks to sound decisions taken through trustworthy exchanges built on values and a pact shared by a clan dedicated to a mission.

La machine conduit l’homme
à se spécialiser dans l’humain

Le Grand Espoir du XXe siècle (1971)
Jean Joseph Hubert Fourastié

After seeing machines, networks and applications being installed, I was convinced that the next step would be to put in place the right to information. When creating Exquando, I wanted to develop a new range of services which would help organizations give their staff access to reliable and relevant information. I always believed that sound information makes better decisions but also creates connections, and that more connections contribute to a better world.
Marc Ansoult
Founder & Managing Director

Our values

  • We value people’s development and well-being
  • We believe that diversity is a real asset
  • We encourage straight talking and exchanging with respect
  • We endeavour to keep our clients satisfied at all times
  • We work with pleasure and optimism

Being driven by the same values in our daily actions is fundamental for Exquando. We aim to stay true to these values in all our relations with our clients and collaborators.

Our hallmark

  • We are independent of any information management system and can therefore provide an objective point of view when it comes to selecting a tool
  • Our consultants are experts in but also passionate about information management, and they do their job with heart
  • Consultants on assignment for our clients are constantly in touch with each other and supported by our team of experts
  • We pay particular attention to the complementarity of teams: we make sure there is a good match both between people and with the corporate culture of our clients.

Our team

We brought together a team of men and women with multiple profiles and different backgrounds.
This diversity is our strength.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of experts in information science and technology, documentalists, archivists, business analysts and project leaders.

Beyond their technical knowledge and skills, our consultants have an acute sense of service. They are trained to listen and understand the needs of the client and are able to facilitate discussions and cooperation by and between people.

Marc Ansoult
Managing Director
Sabine Boël
Customer Success Manager
Delphine Weyders
Customer Success Manager
Catherine Regniers
Administratrice / HR & Finance Manager
Muriel Mérat
HR Administration Officer

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